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My Relationship To The Therapeutic Process


More About Me

After moving to Boulder Colorado in 2006, my family found our new home here and we’ve been putting our roots down deep ever since. We plan to stay here and positively affect and be effected by this beautiful and awe-inspiring place for years to come.

The importance of developing trust within the therapeutic relationship is incredibly important to me and to our therapeutic process. Through building a relationship steeped in honesty and transparency, we can then access both the strengths and challenges of the internal beliefs that influence and guide how you act and react in your life.

Through increasing your awareness of your core belief system, we can begin to question and even challenge any problematic patterns, and gently encourage you to grow in new and healthy ways. We cannot love what we do not know. In learning more about who we truly are, we can then learn to love ourselves, and then in turn love others.

In my practice, I balance a deeply emotive therapeutic process, a healthy dose of skill building, relationship development, and the identification and healthy growth of personal core beliefs and routines. I emphasize honesty and trust, and practice respectful listening and skillful reflection to help you feel sincerely seen and heard.

I hope that my passion for this work, my dedication to continuing to support the community I live in, and my willingness to humbly offer what I know, may be of service and support to you and your family.


What we do

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